What Are the Common Habits of Good Drivers?

No matter how cautious you are on the road, accidents can happen, and even the best drivers sometimes find themselves on the side of the road in need of a tow truck. However, by adhering to certain safe practices, you can greatly reduce the chances of being involved in an accident. Good drivers tend to all have certain habits that they follow on the road. Here are some of the smart habits that safe drivers use, so that you can incorporate them into your own driving.

Focus Beyond the Car in Front of You

Often, drivers focus exclusively on watching the car in front of them, but staying safe on the road means taking in more of the environment. It’s important to look not only at the car in front of you but also past it, to see how drivers further up the road are behaving, upcoming traffic signs and lights, and other factors that could impact driving conditions. Use your mirrors to keep an eye on everything going on in front and behind of you and on each side. You’ll have more information to make smart decisions about your own driving.

Don’t Leave Loose Items in Your Car
Having loose items in your car can turn a minor accident into a major disaster. During a collision, these items can become projectiles that can injury you and your passengers and do additional damage to your car. Keep everything in your car secured, using your car’s cargo net, seat pockets, or trunk.

Put Your Hands at 9 and 3

Most people are taught to drive with their hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, but keeping them at 9 and 3 actually gives you much better control. Steering wheels are designed for 9 and 3 driving, but the 10 and 2 myth has taken such hold that most people follow it. Switch up your hand position, and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

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