Your Power Steering Just Went Out: What Do You Do?

You’re driving down the road, and suddenly, you can barely control your steering wheel. You seem to be using all of your strength, but your steering wheel seems to have mind of its own, no matter what you do. If this happens to you, there is a good chance that your powering steering has gone out. Sometimes, problems with power steering come on slowly, so you spot the symptoms and get it fixed before major issues occur. Other times, you’ll be surprised with a failure while you’re driving. These steps will help you get to safety if you experience a power steering failure while driving, so you can call a tow truck and get the repairs you need.


React Quickly When the Signs Happen

If it suddenly becomes difficult to steer your car, take action right away. The ability to control the wheel is likely to become even more challenging the longer your wait, and muscle fatigue will also increase the difficulty you are having with steering. It’s better to get off the road and get your car checked then to try to wait it out and see if the issue you’re having is a fluke.


Alert Other Drivers

It’s important to let other drivers know that you are struggling with a car problem, so that they can give you a wide berth for movement. Turn on your flashers and honk your horn to signal that you have a problem. When you do this, other drivers should move away and give you space.


Get Off the Road

As quickly as you can, move your vehicle to the side of the road. Do so slowly, and avoid jerking your wheel too hard to the side. This could cause you to spin, and without power steering, it will be almost impossible to steer out of it. Once you’re off the road, call a tow truck to get you to your mechanic.


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