Tips for Handling a Tire Blowout

Having a tire blowout happen when you’re on the road can be scary, but if you know how to handle this emergency, you’ll be able to stop safely and call for a tow truck. If you want to reduce the chances of a tire blowout happening to you, check your tire pressure often, have your tires rotated at regular intervals, and replace tires once the tread starts running thin. If a tire blowout does happen to you, these tips will help you stay in control.

Know the Signs

Sometimes, tire blowouts are obvious, and you will know right away that it happened. In other instances, the signs can more difficult to detect. You will know something is wrong, but you may not know exactly what. If you suffer a tire blowout, you will likely hear a loud sound, followed by a rush of air and the thump of the tire hitting the road repeatedly. Your car will start to pull strongly in the direction of the blown tire, and you won’t be able to maintain speed.

Don’t Slam Your Brakes

Your first instinct when a tire blows out will be to slam on your brakes. However, this will make your car more difficult to control. Ease your foot off the gas instead. Your car will lose speed from the tire blowout itself, but easing your foot off the gas will allow it to slow down to a stop in a controlled way.

Hold Your Steering Wheel Firmly

Instead of turning with the pull of your car, keep your hands firmly on the wheel to keep the car from moving wildly across the road. Once you have control, slowly guide your car to a safe place to stop and put your hazards on, so that other drivers can see you.

Once you come to a stop after a tire blowout, call Barnett’s Towing to get your car to the shop for a new tire. Our tow trucks in Arizona are available to help you 24 hours a day. Call (800) 722-2302 when you need assistance.