Staying Safe While You Wait for a Tow Truck

Tow truck companies in Tucson and throughout Arizona are available around the clock to help out stranded drivers. Before you call for a tow, you should ensure that you and your car are in the safest possible location. Even if you’ve broken down during the day, you can’t count on oncoming traffic to move over to give you extra room.

Pulling Over

If your car is capable of driving a short distance, look for a gas station to pull into. If you’re on a highway, try to make it to the next exit. If all else fails, get to the right-hand lane, and then pull over onto the shoulder and as far away from the road as possible. If you aren’t able to drive your car at all, try to coast to an off-road location. Rarely, drivers may find themselves unable to pull over at all. Turn on your hazard lights immediately, get out of the car, and get to the other side of the guardrail. Then, call 911 before you call the tow truck company. Police can divert traffic to keep other drivers safe while the tow truck is on route.  

Staying in Your Car

As long as your car is completely out of the traffic lanes, it’s usually safest to wait for the tow truck inside your car. Keep your seatbelt on, just in case you do get rear-ended. Keep your hazard lights flashing, and set out road flares if you have them to warn approaching drivers.

Verifying Identification

The tow truck dispatcher can tell you the name of the driver and the license plate of the truck. Once the tow truck arrives, double-check the license plate before you exit your car. Then, introduce yourself and verify the name of the driver.

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