Handling the Most Common Roadside Troubles

No matter how new or well-maintained your vehicle is, you’re bound to break down at some point. Prepare for the inevitable by keeping the number of an Arizona towing company in your cellphone. You should also keep emergency supplies in your trunk, like road flares, oil, a flashlight, and bottled water.

Dashboard Lights

In some circumstances, the appearance of a warning light on your dashboard indicates that you should pull over and have your car towed. Do not attempt to drive your car if the engine is overheating, since this will result in far more costly repairs. Additionally, be mindful of the following warning lights and the actions you should take.

  • Charging system: Immediately drive to a mechanic if one is nearby, or have the car towed.
  • ABS light: Drive with caution and try to avoid slippery roads. Take the car to a mechanic soon.
  • Airbag/SRS light: Drive with caution to a mechanic.
  • Oil light: Check the oil level and add more if needed. If you don’t have oil, get the car towed.
  • Brake light: If the brake feels weak, pull over and get the car towed.
  • Flashing check engine light: Pull over immediately and get it towed.
  • Steady check engine light: If the car is still running smoothly, keep driving, but get it checked out soon.

Flat Tire

If you know how to change a flat tire or you have a flat tire repair kit, you can handle this roadside emergency yourself. Otherwise, call for a tow truck. Even if you know how to change a tire, you should call for help if changing it would place you too close to oncoming traffic.

Flash Floods

Every Arizona resident should know what to do if caught in a flash flood. It only takes one foot of moving water to wash away a vehicle. Do not attempt to drive across submerged areas, as it’s easy to misjudge the height of the water. If your car is already caught in a flood, escape through a window or wait for the water pressure to equalize so you can open a door.

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