What to Do If Your Big Rig Breaks Down

Breaking down in a car is bad enough, but breaking down in a big rig can be a real nightmare. First, you have to find a towing service that can handle a big rig. Not every towing company provides commercial services and has vehicles capable of towing a semi. Next, you have to worry about your own safety, the safety of the goods you’re transporting, and of course, your schedule. If your big rig breaks down, follow these steps to get back on track.

Be Ready

Part of dealing with a big rig failure should take place before a breakdown occurs. You should find repair facilities and stopping points along your route when you plan your trip, so you know where to go if something happens. You should also have the number of a commercial towing company that offers service to big rigs. Ideally, you should keep a kit in your truck for dealing with breakdowns that includes some first-aid supplies, food, water, and some basic tools.

Pull into a Safe Place

If you have any indication that there is a problem with your rig, get off the road as soon as you can. If possible, get to a rest stop or truck stop. If you must pull off on the side of the road, get as far off the road as possible. Most drivers find that it is safer to pull off on a ramp instead of the side of a highway when possible, because traffic moves slower on the ramp.

Make Calls

Start by calling a commercial towing company to arrange for a pickup. Next, call your dispatch and let them know what is going on. They can assist with the logistics of offloading your shipment, if necessary, or changing your anticipated delivery date.

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