Intersection Safety 101

Intersections are hot spots for car accidents. Because traffic is coming together from different directions, and in some cases, at different speeds, intersections are prone to driver errors that lead to crashes. You can reduce the odds that you will experience an accident and need a tow truck at an intersection with these safety tips.

Take Caution on Your Approach

The way you approach an intersection can have a major impact on crossing it safely. Start by making sure you are in the correct lane, and once positioned in the lane you need to be in, don’t change to get around a slower driver or for any other reason. Slow down when you approach, rather than speeding up to try to catch a light or beat someone to a traffic sign. Use you turn signal as needed so that other drivers know what to expect. Evaluate the entire intersection as you approach, so you understand all of the directions from which traffic is coming and notice any bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and other factors that may impact the flow of traffic.

Review the Rules of Rights-of-Way

Right-of-way misunderstandings are major contributors to intersection accidents. If you’re unsure of the rules, review them before you get behind the wheel again. At a four-way stop, the driver who reached the sign first has the right-of-way. At a roundabout, the drivers in the circle have the right-of-way. Keep in mind that other drivers may forget the rules, so watch their actions closely and be prepared to stop to let them go as needed.

Come to Complete Stops

When you can’t see other cars, it can be tempting to roll through a stop sign or make a quick right turn at a red light. However, the law requires you to stop for two full seconds. This allows you time to ensure that the passage is truly clear.

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