Leading Causes of Big Rig Breakdowns

The explosive rise of e-commerce has fueled a growing demand for commercial transportation and delivery services. Although the transportation and logistics industry has been streamlined by
sophisticated technology, it’s still susceptible to problems like commercial vehicle breakdowns. Big rig drivers understand the importance of doing pre-trip, on-route, and post-trip inspections.
However, it isn’t always possible to catch every potential problem, and this can lead to a breakdown.

Bad Tires

Tire blowouts are among the most common causes of big rig breakdowns. And unfortunately, they can lead to a catastrophic accident due to loss of control of the vehicle. A tire blowout isn’t the same as simply getting a flat tire. They happen when the tire suddenly ruptures or bursts, which may cause the vehicle to suddenly veer into adjacent lanes of traffic. These are some of the top causes of tire blowouts:

 Under-inflated tire
 Over-inflated tire
 Potholes
 Worn-out tire tread
 Cargo overloading
 Inappropriately sized tires
 Excessive braking

Heat can also contribute to tire blowouts, since heat results in the over-inflation of the tires. In
the hot desert of the Southwestern U.S., it’s easy to see why tire blowouts are all too common.

Worn-Out Brakes

The brakes on a commercial big rig will wear out far more quickly than on a passenger car. The brake pads on a truck are continually exposed to considerable heat, pressure, and friction, leading to early failure. Just like the tires, the brakes on a big rig must be scrutinized frequently and changed out at regular intervals. Truckers must take care to check the brakes when they are cold, as heat expansion can interfere with measurements.

Malfunctioning Electrical System

A malfunctioning electrical system is another common reason why big rig drivers may need to call a tow truck. Malfunctions here can cause the starter, alternator, and battery to fail. Truckers should always check for signs of corrosion on the battery and make a note of unusual clicking sounds when starting the engine.

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