Etiquette Tips for Working with a Towing Company

A car accident or breakdown could happen anywhere at any time. Thus, it’s always a smart idea to keep the number of a state-wide tow truck company in your phone’s contact list—just in case. When you do need towing services, remember the following etiquette tips.

Move over when passing a tow truck.

Even if you don’t have need of a tow truck driver’s services, you can still follow proper etiquette. When you see the flashing lights of a tow truck ahead on the road, move over to the adjacent lane if possible. Always slow down and give the truck a wide berth. Remember that it’s likely the tow truck driver and the stranded motorist are standing near the side of the road, so exercise caution.

Be specific when calling for help.

If your car breaks down and you call a tow truck company for assistance, it’s best to be as specific as possible. The dispatcher will need to know exactly where you are. In addition to providing the name of the street you’re on, state the nearest cross street if you know it, or a nearby landmark. If you’re on a highway, tell the dispatcher the nearest highway mile marker. You should also be specific when explaining your situation. Let the dispatcher know if you have a passenger car, truck, or big rig. In addition, explain whether the vehicle has been flipped over.

Communicate politely with the tow truck driver.

Every day, tow truck drivers work with people who are experiencing challenging and stressful situations. Sometimes, the stress of the car accident can make individuals a little less than polite and respectful. However, it’s important to make an effort to calm down and communicate politely—especially if you’re requesting a ride back to town in the tow truck. Along those lines, it’s best to let the dispatcher know ahead of time if you’ll need a ride. If so, mention whether you have other passengers or a dog or other pet with you.

Here at Barnett’s Towing, LLC, our tow truck drivers pride themselves on professionalism, courtesy, and respect. We prioritize customer service because we understand that an accident or broken-down vehicle is a stressful situation for our customers. If you require a tow truck anywhere in Arizona, you can reach us at (800) 722-2302.