Keeping Your Pets Safe in Case of a Crash

Pets are part of the family, so they may be passengers in the car on a regular basis. Whether you’re someone who only drives your pet to and from the vet or someone who always has a four-legged companion as your co-pilot, having a pet in the car doesn’t keep you safe from any of the usual risks that face you as a driver, from breaking down and needing a tow to being in an accident. Your pet can’t protect himself when a crash occurs, but there are things you can do. These tips will help you keep your pets safe on the road.

Talk to Your Vet About Car Restraints

You wear a seat belt every time you get in the car, but there is a good chance that your pet is not similarly restrained. This is dangerous for many reasons. One is that your pet will be put at risk from falling off the seat if you have to stop short. Another is that your pet could climb onto you while you’re driving, impacting your ability to control the car. Most importantly, restraints can keep your pet from getting flung around the car in the case of a collision. Not only is that deadly to your pet, but it could also be deadly to the other people in the car. There are different restraints that are suited to different sizes and types of pets, so get your vet’s recommendation.

Use the Car Restraint Every Time

Whatever restraint system you decide to get for your car, be sure to use it every time you are in your vehicle. There is no safe distance to go without restraining your pet, since accidents can happen at any time. Getting your pet used to the restraint system with short trips is a good way to help him ease into using it.

Get Your Pet Out of the Vehicle After a Wreck

If an accident occurs, get your pet out of the vehicle as you would any human occupant. If your pet is injured, seek emergency vet care right away.

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