How to Survive a Rollover Accident

For most drivers, a rollover accident is one of the most frightening things that can happen on the road. Fortunately, if this kind of accident happens to you, there are things you can do to increase your odds of survival, so all you have to do is worry about calling a towing company. If you are faced with a rollover accident, here are some strategies you can use to protect yourself. Keep in mind, of course, that wearing your seatbelt is a baseline expectation for surviving this or any kind of accident.

Prepare Your Body for the Motion

If you feel your car tip, get ready for the roll over motion to occur. This means taking your hands off the steering wheel and removing your feet from the pedals. Cross your arms over your chest and try to sink down as deeply into your seat as you can. Lean back into your seat. Leaning forward or holding your arms and legs out will increase the risk of injuries, including broken bones and head injuries.

Brace Your Feet After the Roll Has Stopped

You don’t want to brace your feet too stiffly while the car is in motion, as doing so increases the chances of broken bones. However, once the car has stopped rolling, brace your feet firmly against the ground, even if the car has landed upside down. This will help to stabilize yourself so you can take steps to get to safety.

Turn Off the Car and Get Help

Turn your engine off immediately. Check your face and hair for glass and then check yourself and your passengers for other injuries. If there is a way to get out of the car and you’re not too injured to do so, exit as quickly as possible and call 911. If you can’t get out, call 911 from inside the car.

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