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Are Your Rotors About to Fail?

Rotors are an essential component in your vehicle’s braking system. When you press your foot against the brake pedal, the brake pads press against the rotors (also called the brake discs) to stop the wheels. Even if you’ve just had your brake pads replaced, your car won’t be able to stop properly if the rotors […]

Top Signs that Your Transmission Is Going Out

Transmission issues are often dreaded by vehicle owners because bad transmissions are notoriously costly to fix. However, spotting the issue as early as possible and seeking repairs right away can spare you from shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace your entire transmission. Understanding when to tend to your transmission can also […]

Weird Causes of Car Accidents

You’re almost certainly familiar with some of the most common causes of car accidents. These include drunk driving, distracted driving, and driving while impaired by drugs. Speeding and other types of reckless driving are other common causes. However, there are quite a few weird causes of car accidents that might be enough to give an […]

Simple Steps to Take to Maintain Your Tires

You can’t expect your vehicle to stay reliable if you don’t give it the maintenance it needs, and you have to pay special attention to your tires. Adjust your tire pressure as the weather changes and remember to change out your tires and rotate them so they wear evenly. Here are a few simple steps […]