Weird Causes of Car Accidents

You’re almost certainly familiar with some of the most common causes of car accidents. These include drunk driving, distracted driving, and driving while impaired by drugs. Speeding and other types of reckless driving are other common causes. However, there are quite a few weird causes of car accidents that might be enough to give an […]

How to Stay Safe While Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

It’s an unfortunate fact that pretty much everyone will come across an aggressive driver at some point. Aggressive drivers are rude, reckless, and often, downright dangerous. While it’s easy to let these individuals get under your skin, it’s best to stay as calm as possible and respond in a way that defuses the situation. The […]

Spotlight on Fatigued Driving

Along with impaired driving and distracted driving, driving while fatigued is one of the most common causes of car accidents. And unfortunately, it’s easy to underestimate the risk of drowsy driving. You should know that fatigue can impair your ability to drive safely as much as consuming alcohol can.  Causes and Risk Factors of Fatigued […]

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are one of the least common types of car crashes. However, they are particularly severe, with one of the highest fatality rates. It should be noted that the majority of rollover fatalities affected people who were not wearing their seatbelts. The simple act of buckling up is one of the most important things […]

When Is a Car Considered a Total Loss?

After a car accident, your vehicle damage will be evaluated by a collision repair technician. The estimate for its repairs will be sent along to your insurance company, who may pay some or all of the cost. However, in some cases, the insurance company will determine that a car is a total loss. Here’s a […]

Etiquette Tips for Working with a Towing Company

A car accident or breakdown could happen anywhere at any time. Thus, it’s always a smart idea to keep the number of a state-wide tow truck company in your phone’s contact list—just in case. When you do need towing services, remember the following etiquette tips. Move over when passing a tow truck. Even if you […]

Leading Causes of Big Rig Breakdowns

The explosive rise of e-commerce has fueled a growing demand for commercial transportation and delivery services. Although the transportation and logistics industry has been streamlined by sophisticated technology, it’s still susceptible to problems like commercial vehicle breakdowns. Big rig drivers understand the importance of doing pre-trip, on-route, and post-trip inspections. However, it isn’t always possible […]

How Much Alcohol Does It Take to Impair Driving?

Everyone knows that it’s not safe to drink and drive. Yet, countless people do it anyway, believing that they didn’t consume enough alcohol to impair their ability to drive safely. This raises the question: How much alcohol can you safely consume before your ability to drive safely is jeopardized? A Look at BAC Levels Blood […]

Loose Objects and Dangerous Debris: Know the Risks and Avoid Them

The average driver has many loose objects inside their vehicle, like water bottles, purses, and children’s toys. These loose objects can inflict serious injuries in the event of a crash. If you’re driving along at 50 miles per hour and a car crash causes your vehicle to stop suddenly, a one-pound object will travel through […]

Heading North for the Holidays? Know These Winter Weather Etiquette Tips

Many Southerners have trouble driving in the winter weather up north. If you’ll be heading north to be with family and friends this holiday season or taking a trip to the mountains, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on a few basics. In addition to driving carefully while it’s snowing or sleeting, you should adhere […]