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Follow These Safety Tips After a Breakdown

Experiencing a breakdown can be scary, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area or on a busy road. However, following a few safety tips will help to protect you, your car, and other drivers. When a breakdown happens, arrange for a tow truck as soon as possible, and keep this safety advice in mind.  Make […]

Tire Maintenance Tips for Truck Drivers

Keeping tires in top condition is essential for truck drivers. Tire problems reduce fuel efficiency, increase the odds of having an accident, and make it more likely you’ll experience a blowout and need a tow truck. Experiencing a problem with your tires when you’re on a run will disrupt your schedule and make you late […]

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

When most people think of seasonal car preparation, they think of winter weather and icy road conditions. However, summer brings weather extremes of its own, and it’s important that your car is ready to handle the heat. Before the temperatures soar, make sure your car is ready to go with the following tips. They could […]

Steps to Take if Your Vehicle Breaks Down in the Middle of the Road

Having your vehicle break down in the middle of the road can be a scary experience. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself and other drivers. Of course, calling for a tow is one thing you should do quickly whenever you experience any kind of breakdown, but there are a […]

Are You Ignoring Signs of a Brake Problem?

It’s easy to let things like brake maintenance slip to the bottom of your to-do list but doing so could make it dangerous for you to be on the road. Even if you stick to a routine schedule of getting your brakes checked and serviced, problems can happen between visits and compromise your ability to […]

Questions to Ask When You Request a Tow

Not all towing services are created the same. For this reason, when you arrange for a tow, it’s important to ask certain questions to ensure you are going to get the kind of service you expect. At Barnett’s Towing, we think you’ll be pleased with the answers we give, and we look forward to giving […]

Get the Facts About Tire Alignment

A common misconception people have about vehicle maintenance is that tire alignment is only necessary when there’s an obvious problem. In reality, poor alignment—even to a minor degree—takes a toll on your tires, and it’s a recipe for ending up on the side of the road in need of a tow truck. What’s the real […]

Staying Safe During a Nighttime Breakdown

There’s never a good time to have your car break down but breaking down at night can be particularly stressful. Safety becomes more of an issue as you wait for a tow truck to arrive, but there are things you can do to protect yourself and your vehicle. Use these tips for staying safe during […]

Brake Maintenance Advice for Semi-Truck Drivers

When you drive a semi-truck, not only do you have to manage your schedule so that your goods are delivered on time, but you also have to make sure your vehicle is well maintained and road worthy. Your brakes are among the most critical systems of your vehicle, so ensuring that they are always in […]

Tire Maintenance 101

Few things are as important to the safety of your vehicle as your tires. Tire maintenance isn’t time consuming, but it is necessary to prevent worn-out tires from causing accidents or blowouts. Don’t risk ending up stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Follow these easy tire maintenance tips to […]