Keep Your Car Happy While Driving Through Arizona’s Mountains

There’s a lot to love about the landscape in Arizona, but you need to get your vehicle ready for the journey before exploring. If you don’t pay attention to your brakes and use your air conditioner with caution, you could quickly end up calling a tow truck company. You also need a reliable GPS to […]

How to Drive Safe in Any Type of Weather

Safety is imperative when you’re operating a motor vehicle, which means you should adapt the way you drive to the conditions on the road. Know what to expect before you leave the house, and know when you shouldn’t be driving. Prep your vehicle according to the season, and read on for more on how to […]

Have You Learned the Barnett Difference Yet?

When you end up stranded on the side of the road, the towing company you choose will make a big difference in the experience that follows. The Barnett difference is due to our expert employees and our highly maintained equipment, and it leads to satisfied customers. Keep reading and learn more about the Barnett difference. […]

See What Happens During Airbag Recoveries

Your commercial truck may be extremely heavy once it has been fully loaded with all of your cargo or equipment. In the unfortunate event that your truck flips over during your drive, you will need to contact a local towing company for support. Experienced tow truck companies offer airbag recovery services, which are used to […]

Look at the Different Tools Used in Off-Road Recovery

Off-road driving will provide you with tons of fun and entertainment in the great outdoors. To ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the challenges of driving off of paved surfaces, you will need to carry some essential recovery equipment with you when you head off on your adventure. A towing company can provide you […]

Here Are the Most Common Types of Auto Accidents

Any type of auto accident may be frightening, but some tend to be more dangerous than others. Side-impact, rear-end, and hydroplane collisions are among the most common types of accidents in general, although there are situations that overlap between these categories. Here’s a look at the most common accidents. Side-Impact If you’ve ever heard of […]

What Is the Difference Between Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Trucks?

A garbage truck and your pickup truck both fall into the same overall category: Trucks. Since these two types of trucks are actually very different from each other, it helps to break the larger category into smaller distinctions. Feel free to read on to understand the difference between light, medium, and heavy duty trucks. GVWR […]

Stay Safe During One of Arizona’s Haboob Storm

When you encounter a haboob storm, you should know how to handle it whether you’re on the road or in your house. If you’re in a car, pull off the road as soon as you can. If you’re in your house you should turn your air conditioner off, and in severe cases, you should head […]

Practice These Safety Tips If You Break Down at Night

Breaking down in general isn’t fun, and breaking down at night can be scary. If you’re unfortunate enough to break down in the middle of the night, you’ll need a Tucson tow truck company to help you out. Keep reading for more safety tips to practice in the event that your car breaks down at […]

Don’t Get Washed Out on the Road in Arizona Monsoons

Arizona’s monsoons and dust storms are around the corner, and that means drivers may get stuck in floods or stranded on the side of the road. Use the following driving tips to keep yourself safe during these stressful situations. Tip #1: Receive Weather Alerts It is important to receive weather alerts through driving and weather […]