Your Power Steering Goes Out…What to Do Next

Have you ever wondered how a smooth, easy turn of the steering wheel is capable of moving a vehicle that weighs well over a ton? It’s all thanks to power steering, which first made its debut during the 1950s. Power steering enables greater maneuverability and comfort for the driver. In older model cars, power steering is based on hydraulics. Newer cars use electric power steering (EPS), which relies on the car’s electrical system to send the proper signals needed to steer the car. Regardless of which type your car has, it’s never a good situation if your power steering suddenly goes out while you’re driving. Here’s what to do.

What to Do Immediately

You’ll know if your power steering goes out, because it will suddenly become harder to control the steering wheel and maneuver the car. Try not to panic. Instead, put on your hazard lights and honk your horn to let other cars around you know that you’re experiencing a problem. Carefully and gradually maneuver your vehicle to the side of the road. It will take more effort to steer the car, so take your time. Brake gradually to avoid putting your vehicle in a tailspin. When you come to a stop, put your car in park and turn off the engine.

What to Do After You’ve Parked

Some people might advise you to turn the engine off and then on again, and see if you can steer so that you can drive to a mechanic. However, if your mechanical difficulties are due to a power steering fluid leak, driving your car can cause far more damage. It’s best to call a towing company to have your car taken to a mechanic right away. When your car is fixed, you can prevent a recurrence of this problem by having the power steering fluid changed regularly. Check your owner’s manual for service guidelines.

A breakdown can happen anywhere, even if you’re meticulous about maintaining and servicing your vehicle. Throughout Arizona, drivers can rely on the team at Barnett’s Towing, LLC to provide fast, friendly, and affordable towing services around the clock. If you need a tow, get in touch with our office at (800) 722-2302.