What to Know About Driving in Floodwaters

If you’ve never experienced a flood first-hand, then you may not realize how dangerous they can be—especially to drivers. If you do encounter a flood while you’re behind the wheel, what should you do? It’s important to know how to keep yourself safe and minimize the risk of injury. Here’s what you should know about driving in floodwaters.

Never drive through a flooded area.

The most important thing to know is that you should never try to drive through a flood. Even a foot of moving water can bring your vehicle to stop or even cause it to float. If you see floodwater ahead of you, drive as far away from it as possible. However, avoid driving over bridges in flooded areas, as floods can make them unstable.

Don’t enter floodwater.

It’s important to avoid entering floodwater for health and safety reasons. Not only can moving water knock you down, but floodwater often contains dangerous pathogens that can make you
sick. You can also be electrocuted by coming into contact with floodwater. If you do have to walk through floodwater, change your clothes and shower as soon as possible afterwards.

If your car enters floodwater, get out immediately.

If your vehicle is trapped in floodwater, it’s important for you to get out right away. If your vehicle’s doors won’t open, then you will need to exit your vehicle through your window. If you can’t get your window to roll down, then you should wait for your vehicle to be completely submerged, then open your door and swim to safety.

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