What to Do If You’re Caught Driving in a Flash Flood

Flash floods can be deadly, especially if you’re caught in one while you’re driving. In fact, nearly half of all fatalities from floods affect drivers and passengers. You should never try to drive your car into a flooded area, even if you think the water is low enough to drive through. This is because tires act as flotation devices, and your car can easily get washed away. Even if you’re careful to avoid driving into flooded areas, however, it’s still possible to get caught in a quickly forming flash flood. Here’s what to do if that happens.

Lower your windows.

If you have powered windows, you should immediately lower them all the way. You may need to escape through a window. Lower the windows before your car gets too deep into the floodwater, as the water can prevent the electrical system from working properly.

Back up.

If your car’s tires are still making contact with the road, try to back up out of the flooded area. It may still be possible to drive to higher ground and get out of the flood safely.

Escape through the windows.

If your car is too deeply submerged to back up, you’ll need to escape through the window. Pull yourself out and, if the water is shallow and slow-moving enough to walk through it, get to higher ground. If the water is moving too swiftly, try to get onto the roof of your car and await rescue.

Escape through the door if necessary.

If you can’t get out through a window, you’ll need to escape through the door. You’ll need to wait until the floodwater enters the car and fills the vehicle to about neck level. This allows the pressure to equalize between the inside and outside of the car. Then, you’ll be able to open the door. Although this sounds frightening, it’s the only other option for escaping. Once you can open the door, get to higher ground.

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