Light, Medium & Heavy Duty

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty

If you drive for a living, you know how unpleasant it is to break down or get into an accident. Barnett’s offers local and long-distance towing for commercial vehicles of every shape, size, and function, including:

  •   Tractor Trailers
  •   Swap-out
  •   Bobtails
  •   Garbage Trucks
  •   Dump Trucks
  •   Cement Trucks

We also offer commercial towing services for specialized transport vehicles, like:

  •   Buses: Tour, Charter and City
  •   Cranes
  •   Motor Homes
  •   Generators
  •   Construction Equipment

Barnett’s Towing has the biggest fleet in Arizona, and we’re trusted by countless businesses- even local law enforcement.

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Tips for Commercial Towing

We all know breaking down or being involved in an accident is the last obstacle you want to happen during your busy day.  We have a few suggestions to keep you safe if this should occur:

  • Try to get your vehicle as far off the road if at all possible and can be done safely
  • Turn your hazards on and put your safety triangles out
  • Call 911 if you are blocking the roadway or involved an accident
  • Call Barnett’s Towing at 1-800-722-2302, so we can get to your location efficiently and get you back home