Top Signs that Your Transmission Is Going Out

Transmission issues are often dreaded by vehicle owners because bad transmissions are notoriously costly to fix. However, spotting the issue as early as possible and seeking repairs right away can spare you from shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace your entire transmission. Understanding when to tend to your transmission can also keep you from becoming stranded on the roadside waiting for a tow truck when the transmission does finally fail. Below you’ll get a look at some of the top signs that your transmission needs some attention from your mechanic. 

Performance Problems

A slipping transmission is a dangerous problem to have. It can cause a wide array of performance issues, including delayed reactivity when switching gears or sudden and spontaneous shifting. As a result of these problems, your car could unexpectedly jerk forward and hit another car on the road. Alternatively, you may find that you’re losing power because your car isn’t shifting normally. Any strange behavior when your car is shifting should signal you to stop driving and have your car towed to the auto shop for an inspection. 

Odd Noises and Odors 

In a well-maintained vehicle, transmission fluid should be contained in a closed system. So, any leaking fluid is a clear sign of a problem. Transmission fluid may not only leak, but it can burn if the fluid has not been flushed after a certain number of miles. Along with the unpleasant odor of burning transmission fluid, you may detect a problem through unusual noises while the car is in motion. Wobbling gears and loose parts may cause grinding, humming, buzzing, or even crashing noises.  

Dashboard Warning Lights  

Your dashboard warning lights are designed to indicate when there’s a problem in your vehicle before visible or auditory signs may be present. A check engine light can indicate transmission problems, so never ignore this warning light when it comes on. 

While consistent maintenance is ideal for keeping your car in great shape, it’s not always achievable. For times when the unexpected occurs, Barnett’s Towing is here for you with towing and roadside assistance available 24/7 throughout Tucson and all of Arizona. Call us at (800) 722-2302 to reach our dispatcher for assistance when you need it.