Signs Your Vehicle Is About to Break Down

Tucson towing companies can get you out of a jam and back to safety. There are certain signs that suggest your vehicle is on the fritz, and it’s good to recognize them so you can put your towing company’s number on speed dial in case you need them. Here are some signs your vehicle is about to break down.

Sounds, Smells, and Struggles
It’s rare that vehicles break down out of nowhere and with no warning. If your car or truck is in trouble, you’ll probably notice some symptoms. Squealing and screeching sounds when you brake indicate a problem with your brakes or your brake pads, and a bad alternator or battery can give you trouble when you try to start the car. Shaking and vibrating are also common indicators of transmission, wheel, and engine problems. If you notice a burning smell coming from your car, see a mechanic right away.

Dashboard Lights
Modern cars have all kinds of features that let you know how your vehicle is running and let you know if there’s something to be worried about. If there are lights on your dashboard that you don’t understand, see your mechanic. Warning lights like your check engine light could indicate a range of different types of problems, so an official diagnosis can help.

Leaks and Puddles
If you back up out of the driveway and see a puddle where your car was parked, get out and inspect it. Transmission fluid and oil leaks are a big deal. Leaks won’t fix themselves, and topping off your fluids won’t help the underlying problem. They will, however, lead to more complications, so deal with them quickly.

At our Tucson towing company, it’s our mission to make sure Arizonans are helped along to safety after their vehicles break down. Learn all about how we can help by browsing our website or calling us at (800) 722-2302.