Reducing Road Rage During Your Daily Commute

Road rage is a common sight during rush hour, and it may be a problem that you experience yourself. While it is understandable to become frustrated in grid-locked traffic, it’s also incredibly unsafe to let road rage get out of hand. Unfortunately, road rage can escalate quickly and even lead to conflicts with other drivers. Therefore, it’s helpful to enlist the following techniques to keep road rage at bay during your daily commute.

Know your commute and possible alternate routes.

If you’re running late, then heavy traffic can be that much more infuriating. To avoid this issue, know how long your commute usually takes and give yourself a few minutes of extra time to get to the office in the morning. You should also know some alternate routes you can take if you’re held up by construction or an accident on your normal route.

Make a new playlist for the car.

Feel-good music can keep negative feelings down, so make a playlist of your favorite tunes to pop on during your commute. Listening to a podcast or audiobook can also be a great way to become more engaged with your drive, rather than resenting the traffic.

Get plenty of sleep on work nights.

Believe it or not, a good night’s sleep can make your drive to work much more pleasant. When you’ve gotten enough sleep, it’s easier to keep your emotions in check—meaning you’re less likely to take it personally if another driver cuts you off or fails to yield the right of way.

Reducing road rage is one of many ways to stay safer on the road, but you can never fully prevent the risk of an accident. For those times when accidents do happen, Barnett’s Towing can help you get you home and your vehicle to the nearest repair shop. Call us at (800) 722-2302 for roadside assistance 24/7.