Spotlight of the month


Mark Thomas, #5

Mark has a part of the Barnett’s family in Sierra Vista for 10 years (his job anniversary was last week!). He has also generously served in the Army for 10 years prior to joining Barnett’s. Mark can operate every truck in the fleet, both in Barnett’s Towing and in Barnett’s Propane.

You can normally find Mark in our Sierra Vista location, where he is our yard manager. Mark wears many hats to include dispatching calls, recovering semis, and even delivering propane on occasion. Mark is a man of his word and his character is truly the best there is. We are extremely grateful for Mark and the knowledge and value he adds to Barnett’s Towing & Propane.

Thank you for your service, Mark, both to our country and to Barnett’s!


1994 Peterbilt Century 9055, known as H-24, operated by Mark #5.

📌 H-24 is a 1994 Peterbilt Century 9055. It is one of six 9055s in the Barnett’s fleet.
📌 Would you believe that H-24 is the oldest truck in the fleet? With proper care and maintenance, a heavy-duty wrecker can run for millions of miles.
📌 H-24 is a 50-ton, 2 stage boom wrecker with a 3 stage underlift (3 sections), providing a spacious 9 feet of stabilization.
📌 H-24 has a unique paint scheme, unlike any other Barnett’s wrecker. This happens to be one of Mark’s favorite things about the truck.
📌 H-24 won a trophy in 2017 for being the truck that traveled the farthest to the Slow Down, Move Over parade in Phoenix, AZ, hosted by Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association.
📌 H-24 has serviced Tucson, Phoenix, Eloy, and is at her final destination of service in Sierra Vista.