Spotlight of the month


Andy Fields, #42

Andy Fields has been in and around the towing industry for over 35 years. In his early years, he trained with Wreck Master and had the opportunity to train with legends like Bill Jackson Sr. As a seasoned professional, he worked alongside talents like Buddy Besco, perfecting the art of rotator recovery. In fact, he was one of the operators on the first rotator in the state of Arizona. When Andy isn’t out saving the day for big rigs, he has a passion for restoring old cars.

We know that regardless of how powerful and advanced a tow truck may be, it is useless without the knowledge to make it work. We are grateful for the talent and knowledge Andy adds to our Phoenix division.


Peterbilt Twin Steer, known as H-63, operated by Andy #42.

📌 As you may notice right off the bat, H-63 is a Twin Steer. This means that she has two steering axles, allowing significantly more weight distribution at the front of the truck.Just one of the super single steer tires weighs around 210 pounds.
📌 She is huge – no really. H-63 is 39 feet long and 8 feet wide.📌 She weighs 71,740 pounds, or the equivalent of over 13 Ford F-150 pick up trucks.
📌 The maximum legal weight of a fully loaded tractor + trailer is 80,000 pounds, just to give you an idea of how heavy she is.
📌 H-63 also has a Night Scan light tower that extends upwards over 20 feet. It provides an incredible 9,000 watts of light. This lights up the darkest of nights, allowing a safe work area for all first responders.
📌 Mounted on the top of the Night Scan light tower, there is a high-res video camera. This gives the operator the ability to scan and record the recovery from above. This also gives the operator the advantage of seeing the recovery from an angle that he may not have been able to see otherwise.