Popular AZ Destinations Where 4WD Is a Lifesaver

If you love driving over bumpy, rocky, and hilly trails, you can find them all over Arizona. However, you must have the right vehicle to make it through some of these locales. Read on for a list of destinations where you might need a towing service if you don’t have 4WD capabilities.

Redington Pass

Redington Pass, outside of Tucson, is a common gathering place for hikers, bikers, and drivers. It is a mostly dirt road that leads to various trails and campgrounds. It does not always need to be accessed by a 4WD vehicle, but drivers should be aware of the limits of their cars before driving on this bumpy dirt road.

Gunsight Pass

Gunsight Pass is southeast of Tucson, and it is a popular driving destination for All-Terrain Vehicle drivers. The trail is narrow and rocky, which makes it necessary for vehicles to have a high clearance and drivers to be experienced in backcountry driving.

Box Canyon

Box Canyon is a fun, scenic drive northeast of Florence. This trail may appear easy and mostly flat. However, there are many rocks and large bumps to traverse, so any vehicles should have a high ground clearance.

Mt. Lemmon Backway

The backway to Mt. Lemmon is a fun, backcountry road. It is a bumpy dirt road that can be driven by 2WD vehicles that have plenty of clearance. If low-slung vehicles are driven over this dirt road, then the undercarriage could sustain damage and the vehicle may need to be towed.

Schnebly Hill Road

Schnebly Hill Road is about 12 miles long from Sedona to Mogollon Rim. It is a beautiful trail that can be driven by all vehicles. However, low-slung vehicles should not be driven over this bumpy road, and non-4WD vehicles should not be driven on this road during wet or snowy conditions.

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