How to Stay Safe While Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

It’s an unfortunate fact that pretty much everyone will come across an aggressive driver at some point. Aggressive drivers are rude, reckless, and often, downright dangerous. While it’s easy to let these individuals get under your skin, it’s best to stay as calm as possible and respond in a way that defuses the situation. The way you respond to aggressive drivers can affect your own safety.
Avoid escalating the situation.
You should assume that an aggressive driver will only become even more hostile and dangerous if fuel is added to the fire. Avoid letting your own emotions get the better of you, and instead try not to respond at all to the driver. Don’t flip off the other driver, speed up, flash your high-beam headlights, or tailgate. If you’re in stop-and-go traffic, keep your doors locked and never get out of your vehicle, especially if the aggressive driver gets out and approaches you.
Create a buffer zone.
There are many ways that aggressive drivers can potentially cause a crash. They may speed and drive through red lights. They often cut off other drivers, making unsafe lane changes. Aggressive drivers are also frequently tailgaters. The best way to protect yourself is to leave as much space between you and the other driver as possible. Maintain a safe speed and, if you’re on a highway and the aggressive driver is behind you, move over to the right-hand lane. If you aren’t on a highway and can’t make a lane change, consider turning onto another road. You can then turn around to get back on your route. This is safer than simply pulling over, since an aggressive driver may decide to pull over as well and engage you in an altercation.
Get help if needed.
If the aggressive driver remains in your vicinity, your best course of action may be to call for help. Use a hands-free device to call 911 on your cellphone.
If you’re involved in a car crash because of an aggressive driver, please stay safe by remaining in your locked vehicle if possible. You can also call on the friendly towing team at Barnett’s
Towing, LLC any time of the day or night. Request a tow anywhere in Arizona by calling (800) 722-2302.