How Does Air Cushion Recovery Work?

Commercial trucks with heavy loads that break down or experience an accident can’t be towed like other kinds of vehicles. Because of the size and weight of these trucks, as well as the weight of whatever cargo they’re carrying, standard towing equipment is not up to the task. When these kinds of vehicles need to be towed, we usually turn to air cushioning. Air cushion recovery is a specialized service that is only offered by towing companies with experience in working with tractor-trailers and other heavy, commercial trucks. Here is a look at how this kind of towing works and why it is necessary. 

Air Cushion Towing 101

As the name suggests, air cushion recovery involves the use of inflatable cushions to move a heavy vehicle into a position from which it can be picked up by a crane or other piece of equipment to be placed on a heavy-duty towing trailer. Uninflated cushions are placed underneath the damaged or flipped truck and then air is pumped into them. As the cushions inflate, they move the truck into position. When the cushions are inflated uniformly, they add stability to the truck so that it is safer to maneuver. Once the truck in the desired position, heavy machinery can safely be used to put the truck on the towing vehicle. 

Air Cushion Benefits

One of the most important benefits of air cushion vehicle recovery is that it makes the process safer for everyone involved. Another significant advantage is that air cushions allow towing to happen without emptying the cargo in the truck. The air cushions can handle the additional weight of the cargo and cause minimal jostling, reducing the risk that the cargo will be damaged. This helps commercial trucking companies get back to deliveries faster. Air cushion recovery is also ideal for towing heavy vehicles in remote areas and difficult terrains. 

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