How Car Batteries Get Damaged

There’s a number of reasons why your car battery might get damaged, but you can prevent the damage from happening if you know what to look for. The way you treat your vehicle, the type of car you have, and how often you maintain it will all affect the efficiency of your battery, so knowing how to avoid damage can help it last longer. Read on and find out how car batteries tend to get damaged.

How You Use Your Vehicle

Car batteries are especially susceptible to damage if you don’t treat them properly during different seasons. Immediately starting up your car during the winter can be detrimental to the battery, but a battery heater can help. Additionally, if you don’t drive that often, your battery may suffer, because it is not receiving a regular charge. You should start your engine up once a week and take a short drive to keep parts, including the battery, in working order.

Type of Car

Luxury vehicles tend to be more prone to acid stratification, which throws off the acidity of the battery. This typically happens when the battery is consistently kept at a low charge, which could mean anything under 80%. Even using your windshield wipers and heater can contribute to this problem if you’re driving a short distance.

Maintenance Schedule

Without the right level of maintenance, any part of your vehicle can fail. When one part of your vehicle fails, it’s likely to take others down with it, if not the entire car or truck itself. See your mechanic for regular maintenance to keep your battery and your vehicle in top shape.


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