Air Cushion Recovery 101

When semitrailers are involved in accidents that end in them turning over on the road, it can be nearly impossible to get them back up on their wheels. It can also be difficult to keep cargo safe and move it quickly and efficiently from the overturned vehicle. Air cushion recovery is a towing service that is designed to get semitrailers back on their wheels so cargo can keep going where it needs to go.

How does air cushion recovery work?

When smaller vehicles are overturned on the road, there is equipment that can lift them to turn them back over and transport them safely to a repair shop. When larger vehicles like semitrailers are overturned on the road, these same recovery systems don’t work as efficiently. Air cushions can be placed underneath the overturned vehicle to gently push it into an upright position as air is pumped into them. Next, towing equipment like a heavy duty rotator can be utilized to upright the semitrailer. The semitrailer can then be transported to be repaired and the cargo is usually able to be kept inside.

Why should people use air cushion recovery?

Air cushion recovery is an excellent option for overturned semitrailers and other large vehicles because it can be done quickly and efficiently. The faster a vehicle is able to get back on the road, the faster the cargo can be delivered to where it is supposed to go. This can keep business running properly and help companies avoid missing deadlines and losing money. Air cushion recovery can also be a much safer choice than other recovery options.


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