A Look at the Top Car Accident Risks for Teens

Even the most safety-conscious teen has a higher than average risk of having a car accident, simply because of lack of experience behind the wheel. By recognizing the most common risk factors, teens and their parents can take steps to ensure young drivers are as safe as possible on the road. One thing that parents can do to make sure their teens are safe is to make sure that teens know who to call when they need a tow truck. Taking a look at these risk factors and talking to teen drivers about how to avoid them can also help.


Teens frequently underestimate their speed while driving. They may also feel pressure to drive faster when they are with their friends or to keep up with what other young drivers are doing. There are devices that parents can get that tell them how fast their teens were driving, so that they can intervene when necessary, which may be helpful. Not allowing teens to drive with friends in the car until they are more experienced may also reduce the risk of peer pressure-associated speeding.


Drinking and driving is dangerous for drivers of all ages. Teens are even more prone than adults to get behind the wheel after drinking. Have a no-questions-asked policy to encourage your teen to call you if he or she has been drinking, rather than driving home. You can also model the behavior you want your teen to embrace by having a designated driver for family events.

Distracted Driving

Texting, music streaming, and carloads of friends all distract teen drivers from what they should be doing—keeping their eyes on the road. Until your teen is a more experienced driver, limiting friends in the car and insisting that they not use their phones while driving can greatly reduce the risk of accidents.

If your teen does experience a roadside emergency, Barnett’s Towing can provide fast assistance 24-hours a day. After an accident or breakdown, call (800) 722-2302 for towing in Arizona.