A Look at Different Towing Methods Used at Barnett’s Towing

Here at Barnett’s Towing, LLC, most of the calls we receive are for stranded motorists whose passenger car, truck, or SUV has broken down or been involved in an accident. However, we can also recover other types of vehicles, including big rigs and heavy equipment. In fact, unlike most towing companies, our fully-equipped fleet is capable of handling the most difficult of towing situations. Take a quick look at some of the different towing methods used by our professional drivers.

Light Duty Flatbed Towing

One of the most common towing methods we use is light duty flatbed towing. The tow truck driver will lower the back end of the flatbed to create a ramp. Then, the wrecked passenger vehicle is maneuvered carefully up the ramp and onto the bed, where it is safely secured. Since all four wheels of the wrecked vehicle are off the ground while being towed, this method is the safest approach to towing a light duty vehicle.

Heavy Duty Towing

A lot of towing companies are only capable of handling lightweight vehicles, such as passenger cars and light pickup trucks. But Barnett’s Towing can handle wrecked vehicles of any size and weight class. We can deploy our heavy duty towing vehicles to the site of any crash throughout the state of Arizona.

Rotator and Air Cushion Towing

Our fleet is equipped with heavy duty rotator wreckers. This allows us to tow heavy vehicles out of even the most hazardous of situations. For example, our rotator wrecker is capable of towing vehicles that are stuck in a ditch or embankment. We can also deploy air cushions to assist with difficult recoveries. For example, if a big rig has overturned, we can insert air cushions underneath the side of the truck. Then, we inflate them to lift the big rig and recover it without having to unload its cargo.

No matter what sort of vehicle you need towed, you can count on Barnett’s Towing, LLC to get the job done right. Not only can our fleet handle any towing situation, but we’re available 24/7 and will travel throughout the state of Arizona to come to your rescue. You can get in touch with our dispatcher by calling (800) 722-2302.